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Doctor at Uplift Recovery talking and gesturing to someone off screen
a therapist at Uplift Recovery Center leading a group therapy session

Addiction Counseling with Compassion

Meet the sympathetic team at Uplift Recovery Center, where we have your best interests at heart.  Our experienced staff includes addiction counseling, therapists, doctors, nurses, and support personnel. Whether you’re in need of inpatient detox or desire to strengthen your recovery with residential treatment, we’re committed to providing you with a stress-free recovery process. Let’s conquer your addiction. Together.

The Best Addiction Counseling in Pasadena, CA

The heart and soul of Uplift Recovery Center is a team dedicated to your sobriety. Our expertise, gourmet meals, compassion and understanding make us the top treatment center in California. 

Sarven Yaldizcian, Program Director at Uplift Recovery Center

Sarven Yaldizcyan

Program Director

Matthew Miller, an addiction counselor at Uplift Recovery Center

Matthew Miller


Kenny Crawford, a Case Manager at Uplift Recovery Center

Kenny Crawford

Case Manager

Goar Avakyan, a Private Chef at Uplift Recovery Center

Goar Avakyan


Nazanin Sananoian, a Technician at Uplift Recovery Center

Nazanin Sananoian


Raquel Mamjian, a Technician at Uplift Recovery Center

Raquel Momjian


Heidi Wilcox, a Technician at Uplift Recovery Center

Heidi Wilcox


Nareh Shamirian, a Technician at Uplift Recovery Center

Nareh Shamirian


Sarah Martinez, a Technician at Uplift Recovery Center

Sarah Martinez