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How I Overcame Trauma with Brainspotting

top view of a brain with colorful gears symbolizing brainspotting

What’s Inside: Personal journey through trauma recovery using brainspotting. Exploration of the therapy. Effectiveness of brainspotting. Addressing common questions. Discovering brainspotting was a pivotal moment in my journey toward healing from deep-seated trauma. This powerful form of therapy, although less known than traditional methods like cognitive behavioral therapy or EMDR, has profoundly impacted my life, […]

My Sleeping Pill Overdose Serves as A Wake-Up Call

a woman lying in bed looking at sleeping pills on the nightstand, worried about sleeping pill overdose

What’s Inside: Early warning signs that should not be ignored. Critical interventions that saved my life. Potential long-term consequences on brain health. Guidelines for safe usage. Understanding the limits to avoid adverse effects. Discovering the boundaries of one’s own resilience often comes from experiences that shake us to our core. For me, that moment was […]

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Helped Me Stop Avoiding and Start Living

a man standing between two tress during sunset, symbolizing acceptance and commitment therapy

What’s Inside: Introduction to ACT History and Origins Goals of ACT Criticism and Adaptability Practical Techniques My life, like many others’, had become a series of evasions. Each day was about dodging uncomfortable emotions, eluding difficult tasks, and in the most destructive manner, escaping the reality of my addiction. But the day I stepped into […]

How I Broke Free from a Drug-Induced Adrenaline Rush

A woman sunk inside pills and capsules, symbolizing her need for an adrenaline rush

What’s Inside: Do you crave the excitement of extreme activities or risky situations? These highs can be addictive, leading to a dangerous downward spiral. There’s a way out! Understanding your triggers and finding healthy coping mechanisms can help you reclaim control of your life. What’s an Adrenaline Rush? Have I ever felt like I was […]

I’ve Been Sober 6 Months and Embracing St. Patrick’s Day

a man with his daughter painting "Happy St. Patrick's Day" on the window, as he is celebrating a sober St. Patrick's Day

What’s Inside:  It’s possible to have a meaningful and joyful holiday without alcohol.  Plan ahead, choose alcohol-free activities, and surround yourself with supportive people. Uplifting quotes and a positive mindset can help you navigate the day. I’ve been sober 6 months. Wow, that sentence still feels a little surreal as I write it. And guess […]

Yoga for Addiction Recovery Changed My Life

a group of diverse people practicing yoga for addiction recovery outside in the sun

What’s Inside: The transformative journey of incorporating yoga into addiction recovery. Personal insights and experiences with yoga as a recovery tool. Understanding the benefits and applications of yoga in overcoming addiction. Discovering yoga during my addiction recovery journey was like finding a beacon of light in a stormy sea. This practice, ancient in its roots […]

What We Did as Family Members of Addicts

family members of addicts sitting in a group together during an intervention

What’s Inside: Understanding the challenges as a family member of an addict Effective ways to provide support and care Personal journey and lessons learned Importance of professional help and resources Encouragement and guidance for those in similar situations   Discovering that a loved one is struggling with addiction can be a heart-wrenching experience. As a […]

No Longer A Meth Addict: My Triumph Over Addiction

man on mountain embracing the sunrise with outstretched arms

What’s Inside: Introduction to Meth Addiction The Harsh Reality of Addiction Path to Recovery Message of Hope and Community Support I remember vividly the day meth and I crossed paths for the first time. I was young, disillusioned, and vulnerable. The sparkly crystal meth, as it was called, looked innocuous, like shards of glass. It […]

Fighting Fentanyl: My Path Through a Deadly Grip

yellow and red caution signs. Beware of fentanyl addiction

What’s Inside: My decent into Fentanyl addiction The Fentanyl epidemic and recovery Empowerment and advocacy My journey with fentanyl began innocently enough. I had been dealing with severe chronic pain for years, and nothing seemed to help. One day, a friend offered me a pill that they said would provide the relief I desperately sought. […]