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Do Drugs Stunt Growth?

"do drugs stunt growth" concept shown by a bar graph

What’s Inside: Investigating how drugs might affect physical development. Listing specific substances Addressing how drug use influences body height and developmental stages Exploring the role of stimulants and their effects on growth Examining whether substance use impacts muscle development The concern about how drugs impact physical development is significant, especially when considering the use of […]

How My Eating Disorder and Addiction Fed Off Each Other

an empty plate and fork, symbolizing an eating disorder and addiction

What’s Inside: Personal insights into the intertwined nature of an eating disorder and addiction. Exploring the co-occurrence of eating disorder and substance abuse. Understanding the challenges and approaches in eating disorder and substance abuse treatment. The journey toward eating disorder and addiction recovery. My journey through the tangled web of an eating disorder and addiction […]

Internal and External Triggers: 13 Examples of Each

the number 13, representing internal and external triggers examples for addiction

What’s Inside: Understanding internal and external triggers in the context of addiction recovery. Insights on how internal and external triggers substance abuse can impact recovery. Strategies for managing both types of triggers. Recognizing and managing triggers is crucial for anyone navigating the recovery process from addiction. Internal and external triggers can dramatically impact one’s journey […]

How Can I Support Someone Going Through LGBTQ Addiction Treatment?

a woman on the beach holding a Pride flag behind her blowing in the wind to celebrate LGBTQ addiction treatment

What’s Inside: An exploration of how to effectively support someone undergoing LGBTQ addiction treatment. Understanding the unique aspects of LGBTQ substance abuse treatment. The role of LGBTQ treatment centers and LGBTQ addiction support groups. The significance of events like Pride Month 2024 in the context of recovery. Supporting a friend or loved one through addiction […]

Does Medicaid Cover Rehab? What I Learned

health insurance application form and a stethoscope asking the question "does Medicaid cover rehab?"

What’s Inside: Medicaid Covers Addiction Rehab It covers a range of treatments including detox, outpatient, and inpatient services. How long and how much Medicaid covers, including therapy sessions and residential treatments. How to locate facilities that accept Medicaid. Navigating the world of healthcare coverage can be quite complex, especially when you are seeking help for addiction […]

Beware of Rainbow Fentanyl: Here’s Why

a young woman holding up a hand as a sign to beware of rainbow fentanyl

What’s Inside: A colorful variant of the potent opioid, often resembling candy. Extremely potent, significantly raising the risk of overdose. Associated with a growing number of opioid-related fatalities. Comes in various deceptive forms. A confirmed and serious threat across various communities. In the ever-evolving landscape of drug abuse, a new and alarming variant of a […]

The 10 Benefits of Being Sober and Why It’s Worth It

a woman refusing to drink a glass of wine of the table, highlighting the benefits of being sober

What’s Inside: Explore the comprehensive benefits of getting sober. Recognize how the benefits of staying sober can significantly improve your life. Understand the specific benefits of being sober from alcohol. Discover why being sober is better for both mental and physical health. Consider does being sober make you happier? Review the health benefits of going […]

Why Do Alcoholics Lie? Get Inside Their Minds

a black couple arguing with the woman holding up a finger wondering why do alcoholics lie

What’s Inside: Exploring the underlying reasons. Frequency of dishonesty in alcoholism. Shifting responsibility to cope with guilt. Denial and concealment involved. The complexities behind false claims of sobriety. Lying is a behavior commonly associated with alcoholism, often causing confusion and distress among friends and family members of those struggling with this addiction. This article seeks […]

The Life-Changing Impact of Addiction Nurses

an addiction nurse with her arms folded, smiling at us

What’s Inside: Understanding the role and impact of addiction nurses in recovery. Skills and training of drug addiction nurses and substance abuse nurses. How these nurses support and guide patients through recovery. The broader role of addiction nurses in community health and education. Addiction nurses play a pivotal role in the healthcare system, particularly in […]

Religion and Addiction: What’s the Relationship?

a man praying with the sunset and lake in the background, highlighting the effectiveness of religion and addiction recovery

What’s Inside: The connection between religion and drug addiction The influence of faith and addiction recovery Spiritual practices and their benefits in overcoming addiction Biblical perspectives on recovery and the importance of spirituality Addiction is a complex and multifaceted issue that impacts individuals physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. In the quest for recovery, many find […]