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Why You Need to Add Aquatic Therapy into Your Recovery

4 people raising their hands in happiness as they are going through aquatic therapy for addiction recovery

What’s Inside: Overview of aquatic therapy and its relevance in recovery programs. Benefits and specific uses. Explanation of aquatic therapy exercises and how they aid in rehabilitation. Insights into what is aquatic therapy and who can benefit from aquatic therapy. Recovery from substance abuse and addiction is a multifaceted journey that benefits from a variety […]

How To Sleep Without Alcohol in These 11 Ways

a man in bed holding a bottle of liquor with an alarm clock on his head. He's wondering how to sleep without alcohol

What’s Inside: Discover effective methods on how to sleep without alcohol. Address challenges if you can’t sleep without alcohol. Explore actionable advice on how to sleep when not drinking. Understand why it’s hard to sleep without alcohol and how to overcome this. Uncover insights on why do I sleep better without alcohol. Relying on alcohol […]

10 Strategies on Prevention for Substance Abuse

top view of colorful sticky notes with the top one saying "strategy" representing strategies on prevention for substance abuse

What’s Inside: Comprehensive Risk Education Promotion of Healthy Activities Strengthening of Community Connections Engaging Family Systems Implementation of Early Intervention Programs Substance abuse represents one of the most challenging public health crises of our time, with far-reaching consequences that can ripple through communities, families, and individual lives. Addressing the root of this complex issue requires […]

Money Management for Recovering Addicts: 10 Effective Tips

a woman placing a coin in a piggy bank as part of money management for recovering addicts

What’s Inside: Budget Creation Prioritize Essential Expenses Savings Account Seek Professional Advice Avoid Debt, Track Spending Achieving sobriety is a monumental step in the journey of recovery, but the path doesn’t end there. A crucial aspect often needing attention is the financial health of individuals rebuilding their lives post-addiction. Money management for recovering addicts can […]

Does Alcohol Age Your Skin?

profile portrait of 3 different enthnicity women, wondering does alcohol age your skin

What’s Inside: Alcohol pulls water from your skin, leaving it dull, flaky, and prone to wrinkles. Alcohol disrupts collagen production, leading to looser, thinner skin and the development of wrinkles. Alcohol can worsen existing skin conditions, dilate blood vessels, and disrupt sleep – all impacting your skin’s health. Imagine looking in the mirror after a […]

I’ve Been Sober 6 Months and Embracing St. Patrick’s Day

a man with his daughter painting "Happy St. Patrick's Day" on the window, as he is celebrating a sober St. Patrick's Day

What’s Inside:  It’s possible to have a meaningful and joyful holiday without alcohol.  Plan ahead, choose alcohol-free activities, and surround yourself with supportive people. Uplifting quotes and a positive mindset can help you navigate the day. I’ve been sober 6 months. Wow, that sentence still feels a little surreal as I write it. And guess […]

What Are the 12 Steps?

steps leading up to the sunshine, symbolizing the power of the 12 step program

What’s Inside: Overview of the 12 Steps program. Detailed explanation of each step. The significance of the 12 Steps in addiction recovery. How the 12 Steps cater to different beliefs and backgrounds. The role of 12 Steps meetings and community support. An Introduction to the 12 Steps The 12 Steps program, originally developed by Alcoholics […]

Most Inspiring and Best Movies About Addiction

A bucket of popcorn and a slate in the background representing the best addiction movies

Brief Summary: Films on Drug and Alcohol Addiction: Exploring the harsh realities and diverse perspectives. Cinematic Journeys of Recovery: Stories of resilience and real-life inspirations. Pill Addiction in Film: Highlighting an often-overlooked crisis and its impact. Teenage Drug Addiction Films: Addressing the unique challenges faced by youth. Oscars 2024 Spotlight: Recognizing powerful addiction narratives in […]

The Role of Pets on Animal Assisted Therapy

a dog licking a woman's face as part of animal assisted therapy

What’s Inside: Exploring the benefits of animal-assisted therapy in addiction treatment. Understanding how pets contribute to emotional and psychological healing. Examining the effectiveness of animal therapy programs in rehabilitation centers. Embarking on the road to recovery from addiction can be a challenging journey, filled with obstacles and moments of self-doubt. However, the inclusion of animal-assisted […]

How Addiction and Relationships Effect Each Other

paper broken heart with wooden figures of a man and a woman on a dark background highlighting how shattering addiction and relationships can be

What’s Inside: The intricate connection between addiction and personal relationships. Impact of substance abuse on intimate and familial bonds. Strategies for mending and strengthening relationships during recovery. The Interplay of Addiction and Relationships The interplay between addiction and relationships is a complex and dynamic aspect of human experience, often marked by a tangle of emotions, […]