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Intensive Therapy for Addiction Saved My Life

a therapist talking with a patient during intensive therapy

What’s Inside: Personal reflection on overcoming addiction through intensive therapy. Insights into the components and effectiveness of an intensive therapy program. The transformative impact of intensive therapy sessions on my life. Battling addiction is often a solitary, harrowing experience, but discovering the right support can lead to profound personal transformation. For me, that support came […]

Here’s the Science Behind Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome

a woman lying down with her hands on her head, suffering from post acute withdrawal syndrome

What’s Inside: Detailed exploration of post-acute withdrawal syndrome (PAWS) and its impact on recovery. Comprehensive overview of PAWS effects, PAWS withdrawal symptoms, and management strategies. Guidance on how long PAWS lasts and effective approaches for how to treat post-acute withdrawal syndrome. Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS) presents a significant challenge in the journey to recovery […]

Alcohol and Urinary Infection: Understanding the Link

a woman sitting on the toilet lid holding her abdomen as a sign of alcohol and urinary infection

What’s Inside: Examining how alcohol consumption impacts urinary health. Identifying the potential risks associated with alcohol and urinary infection. Offering strategies for prevention and management of urinary tract infections for those consuming alcohol. Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are among the most common bacterial infections, affecting individuals of all ages. While many factors can contribute to […]

Can Drinking Cause a Bladder Infection?

a female patient holding her abdomen asking her doctor "can drinking cause a bladder infection?"

What’s Inside: Explore the link between alcohol consumption and bladder health. Understand the impact of alcohol on the urinary system. Discover preventive measures and treatment options for bladder infections. Bladder infections, or cystitis, can be uncomfortable and disruptive. Many people wonder about the connection between their drinking habits and urinary health, especially those dealing with […]

Can You Drink Rubbing Alcohol?

open palms holding "yes" and "no" on sticky notes, begging the question "can you drink rubbing alcohol"?

What’s Inside: Addressing critical inquiries about the safety and consequences of consuming rubbing alcohol. Outlining the severe health risks and potentially fatal outcomes of ingesting rubbing alcohol. Providing guidance on seeking help for alcohol misuse and addiction recovery. Rubbing alcohol, commonly used as a household disinfectant and cleaning solution, is known for its powerful sterilizing […]

How I Found New Passions Through Anti-Boredom Month

a woman painting as she listens to music during Anti-Boredom Month

What’s Inside: Embarking on Anti-Boredom Month to ignite personal development and joy. Experimenting with diverse activities that combat boredom and enrich recovery. Sharing insights and transformations experienced during National Anti-Boredom Month. Boredom can be a significant obstacle, particularly for those of us in recovery, where it might serve as a gateway back to old, destructive […]

Top 9 Ideas for a Sober 4th of July Blast

a composition for a sober 4th of July, top view

What’s Inside: Celebrate a sober 4th of July with fun, alcohol-free activities. Explore ways to enjoy the holiday with family, friends, and the community. Maintain your recovery journey with these engaging, supportive ideas for a happy sober 4th of July. Celebrating Independence Day without alcohol can be both a joyful and meaningful experience. For those […]